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How Does the Flat Fee Work?

The day we meet and sign all the paperwork, we are paid a fee of $995.  The flat fee enables you to also sell your home yourself, with our help, and saves you at least 3% at that time!  At closing you pay us 1/2% commission.

Will other Realtors show our house?

YES! Other Realtors will still schedule showings through our showing service.  They receive 3% commission ONLY at a successful closing.  At closing, we pay the Buyer's Agent 3%, and our company will get the 1/2%.  Our Broker in Charge is very well known and respected in the Realtor community.  They know she knows her business and won't waste their time. 


So what do you do if we get an offer?

Just likeany other 'Traditional Realtor', we receive the contract directly from the buyer's agent, negotiate your contract and are with you all the way through inspections.  If any inspection issues that come up, we negotiate those with you too. The buyer's agent never works directly through you.  We always look out for your best interests!

So how  successful is Home $elling $ervice?

We sell many more homes per year than the average agent.  The average agent sells 4-6 homes a year.  In 2018 YTD Dolly has sold  32 homes, $8.2 Million in sales and in the top Ten of Realtors in Hendersonville, top Fifty in Asheville.  We couldn't be successful if other agents didn't show our listings.  They know we know our business!

What makes Home $elling $ervice different from other Flat Fee Real Estate providers?

                            =====  Realtor Flat Fee Services at No Extra Charge to Seller  =====    


  • MLS listing and Internet listing on (with a showcase gallery),, and over 100 other home web-sites.

  • No up charge for Square Footage measurement!

  • Competitive Market Analysis created for your home to help you pick the best price to market your home.

  • Walk-through advice on any staging that may be needed at your uncluttered home sells quicker.

  • Up to 36 color photographs taken of your home and grounds, uploaded to internet.  No additional photo charge in our Flat Fee!

  • A professional virtual tour may be ordered for another fee of $125.

  • Professional sign with Broker's name and number.  Buyer's can reach agent immediately.

  • Directional street sign if needed.

  • Sentri-lock box that only Realtors can use.  We can track every agent who shows your home.

  • Centralized Showing Service (one agency for all appointments) for Realtor showings.  You can set your appointments via texting.

  • Automated email feedback from agents on the showing of your home.

  • Unlimited phone or email consultations with Home $elling $ervice.  FULL SERVICE!

  • All contract negotiations, forms assistance, handling of earnest money, communications with buyer's agent on inspection issues, review of closing documents and closing assistance at no extra charge. (saving sellers hundreds of $$$)  This is one of the most important aspects in the sale of your home!

  • We are available 7 days a week with phone coverage from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.....later if we are negotiating a contract!

    When can we start?

Call Dolly at 828-230-7550, seven days a week. Within 24 hours of our signing paperwork your home will be totally active, on the internet and ready for showings!

Full Service Realtors - Saving YOU Money

Home $elling $ervice